Mork Monkey cage set

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Mork Monkey cage set Empty Mork Monkey cage set

Post by tootles on Sat May 07, 2011 7:01 pm

This is my Mork Monkey Cage set. It includes one Mork Monkey Hammock, 1 coo coo nut hut toy, 2 cage pouches, 2 bridges, 2 corner hammocks. This set is made with flannel and fleece. The coo coo nut hut is filled with fleece strips. Mork has 3 braids on his belly full of toys and his tail is a braid full of toys. He can hang by his back and head and you can also hang him by his feet too. All sewn items are seam free and glider safe. This set is 55.00 plus shipping.

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