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Post by Oakley on Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:38 pm

Guinea pigs are the largest rodent out of the ones mentioned in this forum. Adults are about 10 inches long and can be up to 3 pounds. They have great temperaments and are known to tolerate a lot of "love" from younger owners.

They do best in pairs and their cage requirements are very different from the aforementioned rodents. Guinea pigs require at least 4sq feet of floor space for a pair of pigs and daily "out" time is recommended. They are not little escape artists so their cage does not need a lid or roof ONLY if it is indoors and if there are no other household pets that can reach their cage.

Their diet is a bit more complicated as they require fresh hay, veggies, and a source of vitamin c daily on top of a commercial feed. They can be very rewarding pets that are worth the extra care.

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