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Post by Oakley on Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:28 pm

Fennec Foxes (Vulpes Zerda) are small foxes that can be found in North Africa, in the Northern part of the Sahara Desert. A nocturnal mammal, the Fennec Fox can weigh up to 3 1/2 pounds and can be as long as 16 inches with a tail of up to 10 inches. Fennec foxes have a lifespan in captivity of up to 15 years!

Fennecs generally have sand colored fur for camouflage in the desert and their distinctly large ears serve two functions: dissipating heat during the day and hearing the movement of their prey during the night.

Fennec foxes love to play! Make sure to provide dog and cat toys, especially larger ones that they can pounce on and hide in! Another great way to provide enrichment is to hide some of their food or treats in different areas of their cage. Socialization counts as enrichment too, allow your fennec to socialize with other members of your family or other friendly pets you may have. Even if your fennec has plenty of toys, switch things up every once in a while to give your pet variety, re-arrange toys, shelves, or even a play area outside of the cage so your fennec doesn't become bored with its surroundings.

Harnesses and Leashes:
Teaching your fennec fox to walk on a harness and leash allows you to take it places you would never be able to otherwise. Harness training can be very difficult however, and make sure that you have a harness that fits properly as many fennecs are able to slip out of just about anything. The key thing to remember when training is to be patient and to make sure your fennec is completely comfortable walking on the harness and leash INSIDE the house before you bring your pet outside.

Vet Care:

It is important to find a vet in your area that is Fennec knowledgeable before you buy one. Most exotic vets will have some knowledge, however domestic only vets will not normally care for fennec foxes.

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