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Post by Oakley on Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:23 pm

Although it is possible to let a fennec fox simply live inside your home, it is not recommended. If your fennec were to escape, re-capturing it is very difficult if not impossible.

Large ferret cages make good fennec cages, and a cat bed is perfect for a fennec to curl up in. Make sure that the cage you have has plenty of shelves and toys for your fennec to keep occupied. Since fennecs can climb as well as dig, make sure your cage has a roof and a solid floor!

Keeping a fennec outdoors is another choice due to their resistance to both high and low temeperatures. Make sure you bury the fence well into the ground to prevent digging, provide an area where your fennec can go inside to escape rain, wind, heat, and cold, and still remember to give your pet plenty of toys and other opportunities to occupy itself when in the cage.

Fennecs can eventually be litter trained to pee in the same litter box, however they will still poop wherever they are when nature calls which is another reason to supervise them when you let them out to play. You can provide your pet with a litterbox, however you must still clean the cage regularly and clean up after playtime.

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