Sugar Glider Cage Sets - starting at $29!

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Sugar Glider Cage Sets - starting at $29!

Post by mysteriousgirl1179 on Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:47 pm

We make custom cage sets that start at $29 each
our standard cage set includes:
1 high quality bonding pouch with zipper and screen window
1 sleeping pouch
1 bridge
1 tunnel
2 corner hammocks
1 full sized hammock
2 snuggly fleece blankets
and a toy
Thats 10 peices for under $30!

Our large cage sets are $48 and include 16 peices its a huge set that has in it:
1 bonding pouch
2 sleeping pouches
2 bridges
1 tunnel
1 suggie kite
2 corner hammocks
2 full sized hammocks
4 fleece blankets
and a toy

we also carry a wide array of great toys as well

this one is only $8.99

$6.99 for these each

$5.50 for this one

visit our website at
or our ebay store at

feel free to email us at with any questions or to place an order
April and Lisa

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