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PR Person Needed for TGI Empty PR Person Needed for TGI

Post by glidernursery on Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:11 pm

TGI would like to thank Ashley (CareBaer) for her services as our Director of Public Relations. We wish you and your husband luck as you begin your new family!

TGI is looking for volunteer for the Director of Public Relations. The person accepting this position must be an active member on all of the Sugar Glider Forums. Board of Directors, and their family members, may NOT participate in any raffle sponsored by TGI. This includes all raffles at the annual SGGA.

Job Duties Include:
* Attendance at all teleconference meetings
* Press Relations – prepares Press Releases as needed
* Concerned with Public Perception of TGI and works at all times to improve
that perception.
* Works with and coordinates Vendor Partners
* Oversees committees and makes reports to board at meetings.

Anyone interested in volunteering for this position should contact Karen Milas, President of TGI at


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