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1. We want everyone to be comfortable here as a member. Breeders, hobby breeders, rescuers, and pet owners. This is a place for all animal addicts to come together and share stories and good times. This is a neutral forum.. we do not favor nor discriminate. Under NO circumstances will bashing, bad mouthing or disrespectful attitudes be tolerated towards breeders, vendors, rescuers, or pet owners. As a result of
violating this rule you will be banned from the forum. If you cannot agree to this rule then this forum is not for you.

2. Be respectful to all members and staff here at Animal Craze. No bashing, slamming or belittling anyone that has come here to learn. Depending on the degree of the offense and frenquency penalties may include but are not limited to warnings, temporary ban or full ban from the forum. Admins Decison.

3. Threads that get off topic may receive a warning from a mod or admin. Please try to keep threads on topic or start a new thread. Once a thread has been warned and the behavior keeps up the member causing the offense will be spoken to directly and their posts removed.

4. While we welcome individual situations to be discussed, we ask that you keep individual, store, business,
vet clinic, etc. names off of these forums when discussed in a negative manner if they cannot be proven by facts. " Sally charges to much for her products, Billy sold me a sick animal, I never received my order from John"... These will not be tolerated and should be dealt with privately, not publicly. While we feel that our members should be warned of poor business situations, we can only allow factual information to be posted.

Posting in the Classifieds-You must be an active member of the forum for 15 days and have a minimum of 10 posts prior to being allowed to post in the classifieds section. You must stay an active member with a minium of 2 post per week to be allowed to continue to post in the classifieds. Abuse of the classifieds section will be an automatic ban from further posting in the classifieds section. Abuse is described as but not limited to, over posting, unrealistic pricing, constant bumping. Please do not bump a thread more than once a day.

Signatures-We welcome everyone to make a signature on here. Please include your first name in your signature line.If you have a personal reason as to why you do not want your name in the signature line please PM an administrator directly so we am aware of it. We ask that you keep the signature to a minium. Large pictures, graphics, glitters, adopted/nano pets take up alot of space... they are allowed, but please keep them small. It makes seeing the threads easier too.. We dont have a set amount at this time. If it becomes a problem, the number of lines, pictures and smileys will be limited.

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